PIR Equities combines an opportunistic and accretive stockpicking approach to create returns beyond those achievable as a result of market forces alone.

We combine rigorous research and market analysis with a hands on approach to enhance value at an operational level.



We seek to invest in firms in which we can create value by leveraging our extensive network, industry knowledge and operational expertise to assist with some or all of the following:

  • Expanding into adjacent product offerings and/or optimizing current business lines

  • Identifying and executing on cost synergies to drive operational improvement

  • Sourcing accretive acquisitions and facilitating the divestiture of non-core businesses

  • Constructing appropriate incentive packages that align management with shareholders

  • Implementing appropriate governance constructs and risk controls

  • Assisting with liquidity and capital structure management

  • Building effective investment consortiums that can enhance franchise value

Size &


We target investments of $15 to $35 million and expect to have the ability to execute larger transactions. While we typically seek to take control positions, we are very comfortable operating in minority positions, given appropriate alignment and governance rights.

We seek to invest in the following types of transactions:

  • Growth capital investments to support acquisitions and other expansion initiatives

  • Management led buyouts for private or public companies

  • Ownership transitions

  • Divestitures

  • Sponsor sales

  • Distressed recapitalizations

  • Platform build-outs