Certain milestones over the years include, but are not limited to: 

  • PIR Equities secures $312 million for its 3rd flagship fund  February, 2019

  • PIR Equities allocates $50 million to investing in blockchain companies  May, 2018

  • PIR Equities invests a further $45 million in Notting Hill, London, UK property development project  January, 2018

  • PIR Equities adds 6 acre multi-use property in Las Vegas, USA to portfolio  November, 2017

  • PIR Equities adds 100,000 sq ft office space in Notting Hill, London, UK  April, 2017

  • Amy Hong joins PIR Equities as a Partner and member of the Investment Committee  October, 2015

  • Camden Market Holdings is acquired for $680 million  March, 2014

  • PIR Equities allocates $100 million for investments in technology  November, 2014

  • PIR Equities starts offering consulting services to select groups  April, 2013

  • Susan Lauinger Hoffman joins PIR Equities as a Partner and member of the Investment Committee  May, 2012

  • PIR Equities secures $200 million for its 2nd flagship fund  May, 2011

  • PIR Equities secures $980 million for its debut fund with focus on real estate in the UK  December, 2008

  • KGIM is acquired for $120 million by East River Capital (subsidiary of the QIA)  September, 2008

  • Partnership with Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani the former Prime Minister of Qatar  February, 2008

  • PIR Equities is founded by Joseph Aaron Horowitz and Oded David 'O.D.' Kobo   December, 2007

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